Raw Material:
Natural resources are getting scares. Especially tropical hardwood is enormously threatened. This is why we exclusively use MOSO-Bamboo (“Phyllostachys”), better known as Giant Bamboo. This magnificent plant can grow up to one meter per day and this makes it the fastest growing plant on earth. Fully grown trees can reach a height of up to 35 meters and have a diameter of over 45cm.

Ecological aspect / Sustainability:
BAMBOO is much faster ready to harvest then our native trees. Certain bamboo species need only 5 years to be fully hardened and ready to harvest.
Bamboo farming is particularly productive, because no other plant produces more biomass and oxygen. For these reasons we are using bamboo instead of slowly renewable resources. This also has a positive influence in the CO2 balance of the world.
Plastics contain many toxic substances which are released into the environment through different paths. Eventually humans will absorb these substances trough food, air and the contact by skin. Chemicals from plastic can be detected in the human body of 90% of the inhabitants of the western world. Bamboo has an Antibacterial effect
Make a statement: Feel the spirit of Bamboo!!

The material:
Studies showed that in comparison to various species of hardwood, bamboo is performing much better in damage trough pressure, impact and scratching. Bamboo has a very hard surface due to its extreme dense cell structure. This dimensional stability and elasticity, together with the resistance of weather influences is what makes our products unbeatable.

Material: Natural resin
Our polarized lenses made of natural resin are performing better in the protection against blindness by light than any other normal lenses. These polarized lenses only let trough vertical beams of sunlight, what makes them ideal to wear in snow, traffic or in the area of plants. In these circumstances the intensity of sunlight reflection is the highest. (100% UV 400 protection)

Spring hinge mechanism:
The extremely flexible hinges on the end of the arms are not only helping to make it easy to put on or off the sunglasses, but they also extend the lifetime of the sunglasses. The continuous folding up and reopen the sunglasses will not be a stress for the glasses, due to these hinges.

All our glasses float in water. This is the reason why it makes the perfect glasses for Surfers, Kiters, Sailors and everyone else who has to deal with the element of water.