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wooden shade bamboo display bambus holz sonnenbrillen ständerSIE HABEN EIN FACHGESCHÄFT? DANN SIND SIE HIER GENAU RICHTIG!

Die Leidenschaft zu unseren Produkten möchten wir gerne mit Ihnen teilen. WOODEN SHADE Bambus & Holz Sonnenbrillen - Armbanduhren sind die ideale Sortimentserweiterung für Optiker, Uhrengeschäfte, Sport-und Lifestyleboutiquen, Schmuckgeschäfte, Hotelshops, gut sortierte Geschenks und Trachtenläden, Galerien, und viele mehr.... Unseren Partner stehen wir gern mit unserem gesamten Fachwissen und Service zur Seite, beraten Sie gerne bei der Auswahl erster Brillen - Armbanduhren für Ihr Geschäft und statten Sie mit Aufstellern und Werbeartikeln aus, womit Sie unsere Produkte optimal präsentieren können. Wir sind stets bemüht, Ihre Erwartungen zu übertreffen!
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Best selling wood sunglasses collection: 

Why buy a bamboo or a wood sunglassesVery simple. Because wood is awesome! Wood is super easy to work with, is environmentally friendly, sustainable and unique. So just the right material for a casual and stylish sunglasses.

Here are the most important information about our wood sunglasses:
  • Environmentally friendly & sustainable natural materials (Bamboo, walnut wood, ebony wood, cherry wood, skateboard wood, cork & much more)
  • Awesome wearing comfort is very important to us here. WOODEN SHADE® Sunglasses are light as a feather, you don't feel them on your nose, so you don't get pressure marks on your nose and ears.
  • Our bamboo sunglasses swim in the water and are considered unsinkable. They are therefore the glasses of all surfers, kitesurfers, sailors and everyone who is committed to the element of water.
  • Whatever you do, our polarized ( UV 400 protection) glasses counteract glare and intensify the contrast so that you can enjoy a perfect viewing experience. Our flexible spring hinges adapt to your head so that the glasses always fit perfectly.
  • Perfect for snow, water and sand reflections
  • Sustainable Design & Eco friendly produced with nature materials
  • We offer you a very wide range of frame colors so that your sunglasses fit your style perfectly.

We offer timeless & classic as well as vintage & retro designs for women and men in a variety of color creations with mirrored lenses in the colors: black, brown, blueredgreen, orange, pink, purple, silver & gold.

Already more than 5000 sold wood & bamboo sunglasses guarantee best service and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our polarized lenses are available with mirrored colors: black, brown, blue, red, green, orange, violet, silver, gold, pink and with a rainbow gradient.

Plastic frame? No thanks! We only use real wood frames for our individual wood sunglasses.

WOODEN SHADE® Sunglasses | Your wood sunglasses specialist in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, UK United Kingdom, Australia, US United States, Canada & Australia.

Do you have any questions about our sunglasses or our cork products? Contact us via the contact form or by email, we will reply shortly.

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