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Each of our eyewear is handmade, so each piece is unique. There is no C+C machinery production. In finish each spectacle is admitted with a protective glaze, which ensures high weather resistance and gives a great shine.

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Our glasses are lightweight. This guarantees an unprecedented comfort. The spring hinges we use are hyperflexible and keep the glasses on train. Combined with a polarized natural resin-lense (100% UV400), there is the spectacle of completely natural materials.


Sustainability and quality is our top priority. For our sunglasses, we mainly use bamboo because no other plant grows so quickly and produces more biomass and oxygen.


Each pair floats in water. It is therefore also the spectacle of all Surfers, Kiters, Sailers and each one who feels PASSION for the ELEMENT WATER.
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For our sunglasses, we only use bamboo and wood. There are various species of bamboo. We only use "Moso" bamboo (giant bamboo). This species is known for its extremely hard surface and high elasticity. The MOSO wood is incredibly light, and world champion in terms of growth (see "simply clever"). Our glasses are handmade. We do not sell mass-produced C+C machinery products . Each piece is unique. In finish our glasses are admitted with a protective glaze and sealed. This gives a great shine and ensures a high resistance to weathering.


The comfort of plastic-glasses is not comparable with the compfort of bamboo glasses. The low weight causes no pressure points, and the first skin contact leads into a WOW EFFECT. The spring hinges we use are over-stretchable and maintain a constant train, especially appreciated for sporty activities. Each WOODEN SHADE floats in water, therefore it is also the spectacle of all surfers, kiters, sailors and everybody who loves the element water.
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Bamboo is very hard but at the same time elastic and light. For WOODEN SHADE Sunglasses we don't use any plastic. We use polarized NATURAL RESIN Lenses (100% UV 400 protection). Our bamboo sunglasses / wooden sunglasses impress with their great variety of classic and vintage (retro) designs. In terms of sustainability and environmental friendliness, there is probably no commodity, which can compete with bamboo. Bamboo has an antibacterial effect. Plastic contains a lot of toxic substances. As a young company from Tirol (Austria), we attach great importance to genuine craftsmanship, sustainability & innovation. 
Each of our eyewear can be customized by our optician.

WOODEN SHADE Sunglasses | Watches are the clever alternative.

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